Bright point on a grey post-winter map

About two years ago I heard, for the first time, about the Śnieżycowy Jar Nature Reserve near Poznan. I was planning to come here few times already, but always something was an obstacle – either the weather was not good or it was too late. This year finally we managed to visit this place.

Leucojum Vernum, also called the Spring Snowflake, is one of the earliest flowering plant for spring. It blooms even in February snows, in March and in April. Unfortunately it also wither very quickly, so beautiful flowers can be admired only for a very limited time. In addition, it’s very rare in this part of Poland, so Sniezycowy Jar is a quite sensation and great option for a weekend trip destination from Poznan.

A growing popularity of this place unfortunately has some disadvantages. Crowds on the narrow path don’t encourage to sit here and admire this beautiful phenomenon. The fact that the Reserve is located on the Biedrusko military area (which the civilians can enter only during weekends) also doesn’t help. What’s more the entrance is free of charge. No wonder it’s very crowded and you can see it on the last photo in the below gallery. Fortunately, a traffic is monitored by the reserve guards. I’m afraid that without them, Spring Snowflake wouldn’t survive here for too long.

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