Night under the stars and misty morning

It’s Saturday, about 6 PM. We just got back from a bike ride and then in my head the appeared an idea “Camping maybe?” I’m quickly checking a weather forecasts – it’ll be a warm, rainless and almost cloudless night. Perfect! The only question is where to camp? I have this photo idea in my head for a long time – the Milky Way above old oaks in Rogalin (Greater Poland area). There are no better, so we pack all the stuff in a car and we’re hitting the road.

We’re arriving after sunset, so I have to spread our tent in the twilight. Fortunately it spreads easily enough, so mosquitoes are my biggest worry. These nasty little bastards bite everywhere and without repentance. I wonder who gave the order to create this creatures? Somehow we survived this massive attack and after a while our tent was standing bravely in the middle of a Rogalin’s meadow.

Natural silence is disturbed only by cows from a nearby farm. We can see a bonfire far away, so apparently not only we came up with such crazy idea of ​​a night out under the stars. About 10:30 PM I went out from our tent to take some night shots. Unfortunately the forecasts didn’t work out and there were a lot of clouds on the sky. I took 3 panoramas quickly, but only in the first one (with a tent) you can see a small part of the Milky Way. It’s a pitty, but on the other hand there is a reason to come back here;) In the middle of the night we were awoken by some loud whistling outside. Our dog switched on defender’s mode and growled ominously. Until today I’m wondering what it could be. Probably a boar. However judging on sounds only you could imagin at least a bear;)


The morning took us to a completely different, mystic world. It looked a bit like my imagination of the Land of Old Fairy or a scenery from The Witcher. Floating fogs over the meadow and old oaks in the midst of them were pure magic. When the sun rose above the forest, it’s rays turned grey fogs into layers of gold slowly pouring over my head and tent. Our dog was dazzled by this amount of a free space and ran around like crazy, chasing everything that moved in a grass. She was also a bit confused when she looked at me, praying to the Old Oaks for perfect light conditions every time;) Those were some magical moments and even those bloody mosquitoes did not bother me so much…

Now take a look on some photos I took during that spontaneous trip to Rogalin.