Lumina Desuper Project

Photo project inspired by Reuben Wu's work "Lux Noctis"

As a first part of this project I wanted to show night landscapes of the area where I live. Greater Poland is a historical region of west-central Poland with rich history. This region possesses its own distinctive folk costumes, architecture, cuisine, dialect and other traditions that differ from other parts of Poland. When it comes to natural landscape, the area is mostly flat, with lots of lakes and some rivers. Some people might say it’s nothing special, but I live here so I try to find those “special places” and show them to others. This time I have “painted” those places with unnatural light showing their beauty during night. Every photo in this series was taken with the same lens – 35mm f/1.8 and a full frame camera (Sony a7III).
The name of this project is in Latin, not because I know Latin or because I wanted to be so cool by using Latin names. In this way, I wanted to refer to the work of Reuben Wu, whose project “Lux Noctis” was a very strong inspiration for me, when creating this series and the greatest motivation to start painting my landscape photos with a light from a drone.

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