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I know it’s nothing new. Multiple exposure is being used for a while but I made my first series of portraits using my landscape photos as a second exposure and results are quite nice, I think.

I named my short series – 4 Winters. Winter in Poland this year is like human’s nature – really unpredictable. We get very diverse types of weather conditions and this was my inspiration for such name.

I used a Photoshop to blend images and added some post processing effects to give them more drama look. All photos used for the 4 Winters series were taken by me during last three months.

Zima zielona

Green Winter

Landscape photo was taken in Novemeber in Snieznik Mountain Massif. Portrait comes from one of our fall’s walk.

Yellow Winter

Base photo was taken in park Lysy Mlyn, near Poznan. Autoportrait taken indoor with just a natural light.

Zima żółta
Zima czerwona

Red Winter

Landscape photo taken in January in Poznan during a afternoon walk. Portrait taken inside with just a one light source.

Blue Winter

Base photo was taken also in park Lysy Mlyn. Autoportrait taken indoor with just a natural light.

Zima niebieska

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