Spectacular game of shadows in the Giant Mountains

Two weeks ago, during my hiking trip in Karkonosze Mountains (Poland), I had a chance to experience one of the most amazing things in my live – a literal walk in the clouds.

It was the last day of our stay and we planned a descent to Karpacz with a green trail. When we came to the disperse, it turned out that our trail is closed due to avalanche danger. We don’t recommend anyone ignoring such warnings, so we also changed our plans. We took another trail which led us up, instead of down as we planned. What, at the beginning, was cursed by us, turned out to be probably the best thing we could experience. We literaly stepped in directly into the center of a Fen wind blowing from the Czech side. Fen is a wind type that blows masses of air from top of the mountains to valleys. I heard about it, but never had a chance to experience it in mountains. And it was spectacular!

Overflowing the ridge of the Karkonosze Mountains, thick clouds created an incredible spectacle of light and shadow – a true game of tones! The situation was very dynamic and conditions were changing every minute – from the complete lack of visibility of above 5 meters, to totally clear sky. It was a big challenge for me and my camera, but for almost two hours I was walking with a huge smile on my face;) I just couldn’t believe I’m so lucky to see something so amazing. My companions – my fiancée and our dog were a little less satisfied, because they had to go uphill instead of all the way down!

I would stay there forever but we had to catch the car before it got dark. Fortunately I captured few nice frames that will always remind me about this amazing walk in the clouds!



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