Greater Poland

Postglacial landscapes

Greater Poland is a beautiful place. The extensive plain areas crossed by the Warta river and its basins creates wonderful landscapes. Besides, it’s the cradle of our country with a very rich legacy, and everybody (not only the inhabitants of this land) are proud of it. Nowadays, this heritage is carefully cultivated, and the natural resources of the region, despite a strong industrialization, are treated with a respect for sustainable development policy.

I have been living in the  Greater Poland for 10 years now, but I still have a feeling that I haven’t seen even a half of it. Below you can see some of the hundreds of photos I took here (not including Poznan, which has a separate gallery) so feel free to fall in love with this land.

Czerwonak wschód i mgła
Stary żuraw w Czerwonaku
Park Łysy Młyn
Park Łysy Młyn
Zakręt za mgłą
Lotnisko Kobylnica
Sad owocowy
Wiatraki w Moraczewie
Droga Mleczna nad wiatrakiem

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